After being annoyed with it for months (and not remembering what caused it), I decided to track down why both Ctrl-A and Ctrl-Q map to Select-All and why neither of them quits the program.

Turns out having both fr and us as keymaps is the culprit: BGO #569554. Bizarrest bug ever…

And for those wondering how I figured this out: Binary Gconf Search. And no, it was not fun…

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  • Eemil

    Thanks a dozen for this! I was wondering why Synaptic quits on ctrl-a for me. It’s pretty annoying not being able to select all packages (The option is not in the menus either). This occurs when Finnish and French keymaps are defined.

  • Christophe Fergeau

    Wow, thanks for tracking it down, this has been bugging me for months :)

  • Dieter@be

    This bug is a classic.
    4 years and counting :)

  • btmorex

    Your bug got marked as a dup of:

    In many ways, that other bug report is funny and sad. It’s so typical of gnome development. 90% of it is arguing about which behavior is a better default instead of just giving the user an option.

  • Taoufix

    Thank you. I had the opposite problem: both Ctrl-A and Ctrl-Q map to Quit. And my applications always quit when trying to make a Select-All :)

  • Fabien Chaillou

    Thank you … i didn’t take the time to track this down and it has annoyed me from time to time for a long time !!

  • fatal

    I never managed to figure out what this was and was to lazy to track it down myself. Thanks for blogging this! I’m now subscribed to the bug and hope some progress will be made. Until then I’ll just continue making dvorak my default choice and living with “broken” keyboard shortcuts whenever I (or someone borrowing my computer) need to switch to Swedish (qwerty).

  • Philippe

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! (and it sucks)

  • Andrew Conkling

    Worst. Bug. Ever. So glad it’s been fixed; can’t wait to test it!

  • thijs

    you just made my day!
    cant believe that this bug is still there !?!?!?!?!?
    it’s f%$*ng 2012 _TWELVE_
    this is truly sad