After a long period of silence, it is my pleasure to announce that a new version of F-Spot has been released: 0.6.2.

Notable changes in this release are:

  • We no longer embed Mono.Addins. The distribution copy should be used from now on.
  • A ton of bugfixes and usability improvements, part of them coming from the Ubuntu One Hundred Papercuts effort. Many thanks for everyone involved!
  • Lots of cleanups and small performance improvements.
  • The screensaver code has been migrated from old and slow to new and fast.
  • A stop-gap fix for the long standing issue of timestamps being changed on import. The default policy is now to not touch them. This should lead to the least confusion among the majority of our users. If desired, additional techniques can be developed for those who want it otherwise.
  • A pile of translation updates.
  • As of this release, we’re switching to a versioning scheme where even version numbers denote stable versions and uneven versions denoting development versions. There’s also a stable branch which can be tracked. More info on this will come in a separate email.
  • 573 files changed, 81197 insertions(+), 85122 deletions(-)

All of this has been made possible by our contributors. While I have the honor of announcing it (being the new maintainer), it should be noted that most of this was made possible by Stephane Delcroix, our previous maintainer.

People with code contributions to this release:

Alex Launi, Dave Neary, Gabriel Burt, Jeffrey Finkelstein, Jeffrey Stedfast, Lorenzo Milesi, Matt Perry, Michal Nánási, Pascal de Bruijn, Paul Wellner Bou, Ruben Vermeersch, Stephane Delcroix, Wojciech Dzier

  • Duncan Lock

    Sounds great – any chance of this showing up in a PPA, sometime soon?

  • Mardy

    Not messing up with photo timestamps? Wow, this is the biggest feature ever! :-D
    Which reminds me, that I should find some time to continue working on the geolocation extension I started long ago…

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this release, keep them coming! :-)

  • RubenV

    As far as I’m aware, people are already working on packaging it, so it should be there soon. For the next release, I plan to work with the packagers to make sure it’s available when we release.

  • Robin

    Wow, very nice that the timestamps bug was fixed! I had already been looking for alternatives..

  • Aloriel

    Hey, thanks for the release.

    Just one hint, when releasing software, try to give, at least, one-two weeks to translators so they can properly translate the software. And of course, warn them.


  • Stefan

    Any news on the geotagging/geolocation features? (As mentioned here: )
    I would be really happy to see them implemented some day!

    Thanks for the development so far.

  • Nepenthes

    What about the folder monitoring functionality ?

  • jorge

    Hi Ruben, I forgot to ask you at UDS but I’d like to help you get daily builds for f-spot fired up when your new work begins, I’ll follow up with you at guadec!

  • Benjamín Valero

    Thanks for the timestamp issue fix. This will make me come back to F-Spot again! Hope to see this in Fedora soon.

  • RubenV

    @Aloriel: Sorry, this was my first release ever. Is there an easy way to reach all the translator teams?