We are happy to announce that F-Spot 0.8.0 has been released! This is the first stable release since 0.6.2 back and packs a large number of new features as well as improvements. Nearly 300 bugs were closed during this cycle. It’s this release that should land in your distributions soon.

Some highlights in the new version

  • A completely new import system, which solves most of the crashes and memory-hunger of the old one.
  • A switch to Taglib#, which brings much more robust and safe metadata handling.
  • New and improved duplicate detection.
  • Reparenting (combining photos as versions of each other) with drag / drop.
  • Completely new documentation.
  • A remove from camera option.
  • Monodevelop support.
  • Photo panning using the mouse.
  • Stability, performance, memory and usability fixes in a lot of places.

Full details can be found in the announcements of the unstable versions: 0.7.0, 0.7.1, 0.7.2, 0.7.3.

The future
We will continue to work on the 0.8 series and provide enhancements and bug-fixes for a long period of time. No new features will be added here, but we will put an effort into fixing existing problems. This ensures that there is always a working and good version of F-Spot available for end-users. In the mean time we start working on big and radical changes in the master branch of git, with periodical 0.9 development releases.

Getting the code
This release should become available through your normal distribution packages. For those who can’t wait: you can get all of this goodness through GNOME FTP, the OpenSUSE build service or the F-Spot team PPA (packages will be up shortly). More info can be found in the release announcement.

A word of thanks
None of this was possible without the army of people that helped building this:

Ademir Mendoza, Alex Launi, Anton Keks, Bertrand Lorentz, Christian Krause, Christopher Halse Rogers, Daniel Köb, Eric Faehnrich, Evan Briones, Gabriel Burt, Harold Schreckengost, Iain Churcher, Iain Lane, Lorenzo Milesi, Łukasz Jernaś, Mike Gemünde, Mike Wallick, Nick Van Eeckhout, Paul Lange, Paul Wellner Bou, Peter Goetz, Ruben Vermeersch, Tim Retout, Tomas Kovacik, Trevor Buchanan, Vincent Pomey, Wojciech Dzierżanowski

Special kudos to the translators (we have 12 fully complete translations and 37 translations with over 80% coverage):

Andika Triwidada (Indonesian), Andrej Žnidaršič (Slovenian), Aron Xu (Simplified Chinese), Bruce Cowan (British English), Bruno Brouard (French), Cheng-Chia Tseng (Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan)), Christian Kirbach (German), Claude Paroz (French), Daniel Nylander (Swedish), Filipe Gomes (Portuguese), Fran Diéguez (Galician), Gabor Kelemen (Hungarian), Joe Hansen (Danish), Jordi Mas (Catalan), Jorge González (Spanish), Kjartan Maraas (Norwegian bokmål), Mario Blättermann (German), Mattias Põldaru (Estonian), Michel Recondo (Brazilian Portuguese), Miloš Popović (Serbian), Sira Nokyoongtong (Thai), Wolfgang Stöggl (German), Xandru Armesto (Asturian), Yoshizumi ENDO (Japanese), Zdeněk Hataš (Czech), Милош Поповић (Serbian)

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  • anonim

    Can you share some of those big and radical changes in the master branch? Maybe a link?


  • http://janneinosaka.blogspot.com Janne

    There was a warning for earlier releases that only the most popular camera RAW formats were supported. Is this still the case?

    • http://www.savanne.be/ Ruben

      Some more obscure ones are still missing (Fuji RAW for instance). From the top of my head, the most common missing format is CRW. The goal is to have all of them supported for 0.8.1 though.

    • Stephen P

      CRW is not supported? That explains the program freezes when I try to import or display Raw images. This worked perfectly in previous versions – and now suddenly the program is crippled?!! This renders the program useless for me. I tried Shotwell and definitely do not like it. I can see having every single image on your computer indexed might be useful to some – but not for me. Very disappointed. When is 0.8.1 due?

    • http://www.savanne.be/ Ruben

      CRW support still needs to be added to TagLib#. While this is not too hard (the format is well documented), it is quite a bit of work and nobody has come round to doing so. The 0.8.1 release will be out this weekend or next week. It will not feature CRW support yet though.

  • http://www.vuntz.net/journal/ Vincent Untz

    Note that since it’s a stable release, it’s also in the stable project of the Build Service: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=GNOME:Apps:F-Spot ;-)

    • http://www.savanne.be/ Ruben

      Updated the link!

  • http://traversin.org/ Piergi

    Is the metadata panel back in place? It was removed in the 0.7s.
    Thanks fot the good work!

  • Pavel

    congrats to the release but its too late for me. I already moved on to Shotwell. And I must say that I love its non-destructive approach to editing. Is something like that also planned for F-Spot?

  • Mårten

    I do hope you are checking for camera support regarding the “A remove from camera option.”

    According to Panasonic their new cameras (including my Lumix TZ-65) no longer support removing images from the camera through the computer. You need to delete them from the camera itself. If you don’t the camera will start acting really strange, as in not allowing you to transfer more pictures etc.

  • Mathias

    Thank you all for the new release. I really like F-Spot. The import errors for my sd-cards are finally gone :)

  • wontstart

    Have any of you encountered problems with this new version of f-spot? Mine refused to start. F-spot 0.8 only started once then upon photo import, it returned an error of some sort and before I could read the details it closed. Reinstalling the app produced the same result.

    Before I updated to 0.8 I briefly used 0.7.3 without any problems but since it’s mentioned here that 0.7.3 was unstable, I’m not too keen to return to 0.7.3.

    I’ve downloaded the 0.8 deb file from the link given at webupd8. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

  • Tony

    Could you insert a simple option to set the format of the date?
    MM/dd/yyyy is that I get in F-Spot, but yyyy/MM/dd is that I need.

    I’m in Italy (and Italian, so sorry for my English) but for my reasons I have Ubuntu in English and I fought a lot (with copious blood loss!) with the Byzantine way to setting the locale configurations.

    Thanks and compliment for F-Spot.

  • dok

    Great! grabbed the .deb from debian experimental, installed it on my squeeze/testing machine. Incredible, it works !
    I’m still more attached to f-spot than shotwell, so a big thank you because I had to stop using it almost a year ago as it was too buggy. This one seems stable, quite fast, I hope it’s gonna last (wasn’t the case with 0.6.x so I’m careful)
    THANK YOU very much.

  • Jeroen Keiren

    Is there any progress with the F-Spot team PPA package for 0.8.0? I just checked, and the 0.7.3 version seems to be the latest version available. I would love to try 0.8.0 though!

  • http://0pointer.com.ar mariano

    Nice work!!! Is there any news on the geotagging features you mentioned last year? (http://savanne.be/172-f-spot-alive-and-kicking)… That’s almost the only thing i’m missing in F-spot

    • http://www.savanne.be/ Ruben

      We’re working on making that possible. Not geotagging directly, but the foundations to make that possible. It’s the slow way to get there, but it’ll get us there properly and ready for the future.

  • James Jones

    I guess they _have_ changed the import system; in previous versions, you got to see thumbnails of the images on the camera and could select the ones you wanted to copy–now I choose the device to import from, and see nothing but a gray rectangle. Is this more of the GNOME “it should ‘just work’, so you should have no options” mentality?

    • http://www.savanne.be/ Ruben

      Thanks for your constructive feedback! No, you should see thumbnails. What you are seeing is probably a bug. Want to get it fixed? Supply all the info
      (including output with –debug) in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/

  • Jud

    Hi, I’m trying to learn more about the new importing system. Does it allow you to choose the folders and create your own names before the files are downloaded off the camera/card, or is it like it has always been? (downloading into a pre-named file)



  • http://fusionlinux.org Valent Turkovic


    Fusion Linux (Fedora Remix) will have F-Spot as main photo management tool. I as a maintainer of Fusion Linux would really appreciate if you could announce this news via your blog.


  • Patrick

    Since the F-Spot PPA has not been updated I was looking for a .deb of F-Spot 0.8.0 and I found it here: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/09/download-f-spot-080-ubuntu-deb-with.html, just in case anyone else is searching for it.

    Too bad that bug #627745 is still not fixed, so now almost 3 months after initially reporting this high-priority bug I am forced to switch to a different solution, since F-Spot has been unusable for me since then.

  • Stephen P

    Ruben, Thanks for the update. However, releasing this version of f-spot without support for CRW has effectively disabled the program for many users. Most of my images to date are in CRW format. This worked perfectly in previous versions. I hate to level criticism (as this is OpenSource development and very much appreciated) but why release an upgrade that will alienate so many of your users?

    • http://www.savanne.be/ Ruben

      The switch to TagLib# was made because the benefits (stability, data-safety, correcter parsing) were beneficial for all users and crucial to fix some very critical bugs. Unfortunately this meant some temporary regressions in format support.