In a shocking move, Ubuntu decided to follow the long-strung-out decision of Debian to adopt systemd as their init system. This is a good thing: everyone can now get together and work on one great solution. I applaud them for making this move.

It’s also a good thing for those who depend on systemd for having a fantastic modern deployment environment: soon you’ll be able to depend on systemd everywhere, regardless of the distribution being used.

In this light it seems like a good idea to shamelessly mention the write-up I wrote a while back: Deploying Node.js with systemd. Everything in there is still highly relevant and relying on systemd for deploying Node.JS is still (in my humble opinion) one of the best possible setups.

Good times for Node.JS developers that also need to administer infrastructure.

  • Emil Sedgh

    How does systemd compare to pm2[0] regarding execution of nodejs applications?

    • Ruben

      Never used it. I prefer using the tools that my operating system provides, as those are usable for all services, not just Node.JS applications (e.g. databases or other daemons).

  • olivierDufour

    hi ruben,
    Long time we have not meet (the previous previous fosdem in fact ;-) ).
    Anyway, I play a lot with nodejs and I have used your systemd trick for it.
    About pm2 there is a presentation fo it on nodejsparis (in french).

    • Ruben

      Long time no see!

      Thanks for the link, will have a look at it.